These 5 Companies Prove That ANY Woman Can Be a Perfect Lingerie Mod

1. Aerie
Aerie is an american lingerie company that was the first to say no to retouched photos. They are against photoshopping pictures of their models. They see no point in it. Aerie is all about natural beauty, and this thing alone is making them so popular they might actually rival such famous lingerie giants like Victoria’s Secret. Aerie’s CEO, Jennifer Foyle, firmly believes there’s no need to photoshop what’s already beautiful. “”Let women of different shapes decide what’s good for them and them alone!” says Jennifer.


2. Modcloth
Modcloth is another wonderful clothing brand that chose natural beauty. They’re known for having a wide range of styles and sizes for women. Not only that, but Modcloth went the extra mile and actually invited their own employees to take part in their swimsuit photoshoot instead of models. Even the co-founder of the company took part in this photoshoot. None of the pictures were retouched and as you can see there are no unnatural poses. The whole photoshoot has a very relaxed, chill-out vacation feel to it and that’s what they’re all about – real women, with real bodies, who are happy and confident in who they are and how they look.

3. Lonely
Lonely is a great lingerie brand. They are all about embracing women in their natural beauty. Their ads feature women from all over the world, with all types of body shapes, posing in natural poses either at home or outside. All the pictures have a very real feel to them, like you’re just seeing a woman chilling in her underwear. Their message is simple and genius – they firmly believe that all women can look good in lingerie.


4. Naja
Have you ever thought about how nude underwear is always just beige? But not all people are beige. There are so many beautiful skin colors, and that “nude” underwear won’t look “nude” on all skintones. We’re guessing Catalina Girald and Gina Rodriguez gave this quite a bit of thought, because they founded Naja, a company that makes nude lingerie in more than just one color. Their campaign Nude for All featured women with different skin colours,sizes and body shapes modeling nude lingerie in 7 different shades. Yes, there’s definitely more than 7 skintones in the world, but it’s a start and a step in the right direction. This is way more variety than other companies offer.


5.Curvy Kate
Curvy Kate is an exceptionally progressive brand. Not only do they embrace curvy women of all shapes and sizes, they also embrace women of all ages and physical abilities. Their advertising campaign included so many different women, including a 65-year-old Janet Rook, Gemma Flanagan in a wheelchair, and Carla Atherton who underwent a preventive mastectomy. Curvy Kate believe that all women are divine and their lingerie is designed for clients of different shapes, views, ages, and abilities.

Breakout But Rather Controversial Roles that Made Your Favorite Actresses Famous

Believe it or not, every single actor and actress used to be a rookie. They all had their first audition and their first role, which wasn’t always the highest point of their careers. And many of your favourite actresses were once no-names like you and me, until they caught a big break. Here are some film controversial breakouts that finally put these actresses on the Hollywood map.                                                                                                                                Sophie Marceau – La Boum

Sophie Marceau is a world-renowned French actress, screen writer, book author, and director. Is there anything she can’t do? Yes, actually she didn’t become a model. She wanted to, but the modeling agency she worked with, told her to try for a role in a movie titled “La Boum” in 1980 and that’s how her journey into the film world began.
Brooke Shields – Blue Lagoon
Guess how old Brooke Shields was when she starred in The Blue Lagoon? Only 14 years old! No wonder all those infamously sexy island scenes took her to the next level. It was quite shocking back in 1980, not to mention 20-30 years later, where a movie like this would’ve become the biggest controversial topic of the decade.

Hot and cute models

Een vrije geest op het internet brengt je nog eens ergens.

En terwijl ik vandaag een beetje rondklikte op een stukje onmiskenbare schoonheid, deed ik ineens een opvallende constatering.

Veel van hen hebben iets met gehaakte kleding.

Maar echt.

Alsof het helemaal hot & happening is deze zomer. Als je het eenmaal ziet: waar je ook kijkt, je ziet het ineens overal.

Alsof het tegenwoordig normaal is om de vitrage voor het raam van je oma weg te trekken en om je taille knopen.

Of om van die ouderwetse pannenlappen te verknippen om daar een bikini van te maken.

Kijk, ik heb het inzicht van een baksteen als het gaat om modetrends voor dames. Ik had dit nooit geweten als ik het niet toevallig tegen het lijf (pun intended) was gelopen. Zo doe je nog eens een onverwachte modieuze ontdekking op een broeierige zomerse dag.

En dat geheel dankzij een open mind en een klikgrage wijsvinger.

Overigens, begrijp me niet verkeerd. Niks mis met deze see-through modetrend. Less is zeker more, als je het mij vraagt. Vind ik helemaal niet erg.

Vooral mee doorgaan.

5 Must Visit Places in India

{#cheerleader.gif}must-visit-places-in-india-00What do you think when you hear India? Taj Mahal? Goa? Temples? Beautiful people? You are correct on all of these. The scenery, the people, the food (yes, it will most likely be spicy even if you ask for the least spicy thing on the menu). And don’t forget about the sea! Oh, the sea. With a population of over 1.2 billion imagine how many stories all these people have! This country has so much to offer and all you have to do is to open your heart up and let India in.


Your flight will most likely get your to New Delhi, the capital of India. It might look like the metropolitan area that it is but there is also so much more to this city! You absolutely have to visit the Red Fort, Jama Masjit (the largest mosque in India), Swaminarayan Akshardham, Humayun’s Tomb (that was an inspiration for the famous Taj Mahal), Qutab Minar (the tallest minaret in the world!), and oh so much more. If you plan out your route – you will see so many wonderful monuments with an amazing history.
If you are looking for something calming and if you are doing some soul-searching don’t forget to visit a great city of Varanasi. Considered to be a spiritual capital of India, this city has so much magic. Stop by the Vishwanath Temple then go to Manikarnika Ghat where you can learn about the Hindu culture of cremation. Interestingly, there are quite a few Ghats in Varanasi yet Manikarnika Ghat is considered to be the most prestigious.

Iris van Herpen’den Üç Boyutlu Tasarımlar!


Hollandalı tasarımcı Iris van Herpen’in 2015 ilkbahar/yaz için hazırladığı koleksiyonu gelecek konulu filmlerde gördüğümüz kıyafetleri yakın zamanda sokaklarda da göreceğimizin sinyallerini yayıyor!
Bizler de hali hazırda klasik jean ve tişörtlerden oldukça sıkıldığımızı belirterek.
Bu gibi tasarımların gerçek hayata da uyarlanacağı günleri iple çekiyoruz!
Herpen üç boyutlu tasarımlarını mimarlar ve bilim adamlarının yardımlarıyla geliştirmiş.
Hadi bu yeni akımı birlikte keşfedelim!
İşte Herpen’le üç boyutlu kıyafetlerin geldiği son nokta!
Hiç de giyilmeyecek gibi değiller üstelik!
Tabii, biraz kilolu gösterme ihtimalleri de yok değil…
Biz Iris’in çalışmalarını oldukça keyifli bulduk! Siz ne düşünüyorsunuz?

8 Amazing Places to Find Pink Sand Beaches

Summer might be over, but it doesn’t mean we have to stop thinking of warm beaches and vacations. In fact, since it’s getting colder, it’s the perfect time to daydream of what beach you’d like to be at right at this moment. And while any beach seems good enough when you can feel the colder months approaching, today we’d like to show you some pretty special ones. To be more specific – pink sand beaches.
Have you ever been to one of those? They look like a scene straight out of a fairy tale. What makes the sand pink I hear you ask? Various bits of shells, tiny red organisms that live on shells and red coral reefs, mixed together with sand that give these beaches a beautiful pink hue. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Take a look at these 8 amazing places with pink sand beaches and plan your next vacation, or perhaps take an impromptu trip while it’s still warm over there.
1. Harbor Island, Bahamas
This is probably one of the most famous pink beaches. It stretches for 3 miles. Can you imagine it? Three miles of beautiful pink sand. Can you already imagine yourself running along this beach? I know I can. Add that to the list of reasons you want to go to the Bahamas. Lol, as if you really needed more reasons.
2. Great Santa Cruz Island, Philippines
Have you been to the Philippines before? Because, seriously, you have to go. Not only is that country extremely beautiful, it’s nature is freaking mesmerizing, and the tourism industry booming, but it’s also home the second pink sand beach on our list. So if you’re planning a trip to the Philippines, make sure you visit the Great Santa Cruz island and take a stroll down the gorgeous pink sand beach.amazing_places_to_find_pink_sand_beaches_02
3. Budelli, Sardinia, Italy
Italy has so many attractions. The Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Pantheon, St Peter’s Basilica, the Trevi Fountain, the Sistine Chapel – these are just a few that immediately come to mind. But all of those are just Rome, and there’s way more to Italy than just Rome. There’s a side of Italy that’s much more chill and perfect for a couple of days of lazing around after you’ve seen all the museums. We’re talking about Spiaggia Rosa, which literally translates to “pink beach”. This one is probably one of the most picturesque beaches in Italy.
4. Komodo, Indonesia
Did you know that Indonesia consists of more than 17000 islands and the population of the country is 250 million people. Pretty impressive, right? But here’s what’s even more impressive, the Komodo island, is home to the world’s biggest lizard, a.k.a the Komodo dragon. So if you want to see a real dragon, this is the place to go. And coincidentally this is also the island with a gorgeous pink sand beach. So dragons and pink beaches – sounds quite magical, don’t you think?

5. Lombok, Indonesia
Speaking of Indonesia, this country is pretty lucky because it boasts not one, but two pink sand beaches. This one is called Tangsi Beach, which unsurprisingly means “pink beach”. This particular pink sand beach owes its magnificent hue to the abundance of coral reef fragments washed up to the shore and mixed with the sand. Tangsi Beach is one of the more remote locations in Indonesia, so it’s rarely crowded and the view there is spectacular.
6. Crete, Greece
Talking about Greece usually invokes images of pretty white buildings in our memory. You know, the ones that would be so popular on Instagram, with endless stairs and bright blue roofs. It’s a great country with very friendly people. But today we’d like to mention an uninhabited island of the coast of Crete, called Gramvousa. This is where the Balos Lagoon is located, with its shallow warm waters and a sandy beach that’s pink from the millions of crushed shells washed up to the shore.
7. Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda
Some of us might immediately associate Bermuda with the Bermuda triangle and all the lost ships and planes. But in reality, Bermuda is a great vacation spot. It consists of several islands, all of which are pretty awesome for a summer vacation. The Horseshoe Bay Beach island, however, is probably the most well known and the most popular when it comes to trip destinations. The Horseshoe Bay Beach got its name because of its unique shape, it really looks like a horseshoe. And it’s covered in baby pink sand of course.
8. Dutch Caribbean Island
And finally we’ve come to last pink sand beach we’ll mention today – the Bonaire Pink Beach. This one, as many of the other pink sand beaches, owes its color to the microscopic bright pink sea organisms called foraminifera. The Bonaire Pink Beach is quite narrow, but it’s a good place for a picnic and a great location for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Cassandra De Pecol Will Be The First Woman To Visit Every Country On Earth

We all dream to travel the world, but Cassandra De Pecol is actually making that dream a reality. Cassandra is from Connecticut and she’s only 27, but guess how many countries she’s been too? She started traveling in July of 2015 and so far she’s been to 181 countries! That’s more than most of us will ever see in a lifetime. But she’s not stopping here. She’s on a mission to visit all the sovereign countries! Literally all of them. She’s named her journey “Expedition 196” and she’s traveling as Ambassador for Peace with the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism.

So far this amazing lady is on the verge of breaking the Guinness World Record for the person to travel the fastest to all the Sovereign states on the planet. She’s only got 11 countries to go and she has more than a month to do it, so it looks like she’s actually going to break that record.
Aside from that she’s the first documented female and youngest American to travel the whole world. That sounds incredible, but also quite expensive. How is Cassandra doing this? Well, she’s not paying for this out of her pocket. The traveling is covered by sponsors, plus, she uses her Instagram as a means of advertising in exchange for accommodation.

Ever since high school Cassandra wanted to visit every country in the world, learn more about their culture, natural environment and religion. She’s made it her task to travel to all the countries, learn more about the world, get out of her comfort zone.
cassandra-de-pecol-will-be-the-first-woman-to-visit-every-country-on-earth-09cassandra-de-pecol-will-be-the-first-woman-to-visit-every-country-on-earth-10Doing this much traveling sounds great, but it comes with a price. Cassandra doesn’t really get to stay in all the countries for long. She usually gets between 2 to 5 days per country, and being constantly on the move can definitely be physically and emotionally difficult. As you can imagine she has good days and bad days, but Cassandra believes that this journey is helping her build character and that ultimately it’s a great experience.

If you want to follow Cassandra on her travels you can do so on her Instagram. To learn more about her incredible journey go to Expedition196.

15 Before-And-After Photos Of Winter’s Beautiful Transformations

Winter is upon us and that means the scenery is changing. For some this might just mean a lot of cold wind and rain, but for those lucky ones who gets snowfall in the winter it means that everything around you is getting covered in a white fluffy blanket. Sure, it’s a blanket made of frozen water and it’s freaking cold outside, but hey, it looks beautiful. So let’s take a look at how some places around the world look before and after winter starts. It’s quite a magical transformation.
1. Natadera Temple, Komatsu, Japan
The bright colors look so much more vivid in the snow. That red and gold design is just calling for you to walk in.
2. Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Germany
It really does look like something out of a fairytale.
3. Yosemite National Park, California, USA.
Just like that desktop background on your Macbook, am I right?
15_Before-And-After_Photos_Of_Winter’s_Beautiful_Transformations_34. Bryce Canyon’s Bridge, Utah, USA
Isn’t it awesome how it looks even more orange under the snow?
5. Radhost Mountain, Czech Republic
It looks like it’s actually made of snow!
6. Skogafoss Waterfall, Iceland
Frighteningly beautiful scenery right there.
7. Church of the Good Shepard, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
Looks like a great place to chill and get some peace of mind.
8.Conservatory Garden, Central Park, New York, USA
Looks way more magical in the winter, doesn’t it?
15_Before-And-After_Photos_Of_Winter’s_Beautiful_Transformations_89. Kirkjufell Pool, Iceland
Iceland is just a magical country. It looks surreal year round.
10. Hallstatt Village, Austria
That has got to be on their Christmas postcards. Those could be gingerbread houses.
11. Reine, Norway
Doesn’t this picture just make you want to pack your stuff and move to Norway? You could witness this beauty all day long.
12. Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, London, UK
It doesn’t snow that often in London, but when it does, you almost feel like you’re in Hogwarts.
13. St Basil’s Church, Red Square, Moscow, Russia
It looks even more like it’s made of candy in the winter, right? Like that snow is just icing on top.

14. The historic village of Shirakawa-Go, Japan
It’s hard to believe that is an actual village, it looks like it might be an adorable tiny toy village.
15. Hamnoy, Norway
Those little red houses look so festive in the snow. Now if only they added some fairy lights, it would look like a winter wonderland.

İşte dünyadan nefes kesen 10 havuz!


Bu soğuk kış aylarında sizi ısıtamasak da içinizi biraz olsun ısıtmak istedik.
Sizin için dünyanın dört bir yanından derlediğimiz bu havuzları gördüğünüzde muhtemelen nefesinizi sonsuza kadar tutabilmeyi isteyeceksiniz.
Ya da büyük ihtimalle kış aylarından nefret edeceksiniz…
Önemli değil, yaza şurada ne kaldı zaten? Gelecek tatil planınızı yapmak için bolca zamanınız var!

10 – Altın Havuz

Gösterişe hazır mısınız? Tibet’te bulunan beş yıldızlı otelin St. Regis geceliği 300$ ama altın döşeli bir havuzda yüzme keyfine varabilirsiniz!
Gereksiz geldi değil mi?

9 – Jade Mountain Resort

Altın kaplı bir havuz size cazip gelmediyse bu teklifimize içinizin gideceğine eminiz!
Bu görmüş olduğunuz harika manzaralı havuza Karayip’lerin gizli incisi Saint Lucia adasında bulunan Jade Mountain’da ulaşabilirsiniz.
Sizin de gözünüzde harika bir balayı tatili canlandı değil mi? Eh o zaman kötü haberi verelim, bu cennette bir tatil küçük bir servete denk geliyor maalesef.
Çünkü geceliği 1.550$’dan başlayan fiyatlarla fiyatlandırılıyor.
Ama biliyoruz, sevdiğiniz kız her şeye değer!:)

8 – Havasu Şelalesi

Eğer daha çok otantik bir şeyler arıyorsanız Arizona’da bulunan bu doğal havuz tam aradığınız yer! Burada kendinizi bir rüyada hissedeceksiniz, bir türlü gerçek olduğuna inanmazsanız kendinizi serin sularına bırakmanızı öneririz.
Ama öncelikle buraya girmek için giriş izni almanız gerekmekte, çünkü sınırlı sayıda turist kabulü var.

7 – Chongwe River House Otel


Bu görmüş olduğunuz harika butik otel Zambiya’da bulunmakta. Safari hayatı size güzel geliyorsa, vahşi yaşamla iç içe bir tatil geçirmek için bu büyüleyici oteli mutlaka seçenekleriniz arasında bulundurmalısınız.
Eh, her güzel şeyin bir bedeli de var tabii ki; Bu otelimizin geceliği 550$’dan başlıyor.

6 – Cambrian Otel

Cambrian Otel en beğenilen 20 otel arasında yer alıyor. Sonsuzluk havuzunun kenarına çenenizi dayayıp Alp’leri izlemek unutamayacağınız bir tatil yaşamanıza sebep olabilir!
Üstelik diğerlerine kıyasla ucuz da sayılır. Bu otelde bir gece geçirmek 216$’a mal olabilir!

5 – Caruso Otel

Bu elips şeklindeki havuzda içeceğinizi yudumlarken denizi izlemek eminiz ki yok sayamayacağınız bir anı olurdu!
Bu nedenle İtalya’da bulunan bu otel sizi hayallerinize kavuşturmak için harika bir seçenek olabilir diye düşündük!

4 – The San Alfonso del Mar Seawater

Dünyanın en büyük yüzme havuzuna sahip olduğu söylenen bu lüks resort Şili’de bulunuyor. Lüks resort mu yoksa cennet mi desek tam emin olamadık…
Bembeyaz kumlu bir okyanusun kucağında keyifle havuzunuzda yüzerken bizi de güzel anarsınız umarız!

3 – Crocosaurus Cove Havuzu

“Adrenalin” kelimesi size neyi çağrıştırıyor? Eğer çılgınlıklar sizin için kaçınılmazsa bu havuza bayılacağınıza eminiz.
Çünkü bu havuzda timsahlarla yüzme şansını elde edebilirsiniz? Delilik değil mi?
Ve evet, tahmin edeceğiniz üzere bu havuzda yüzebilmek için önce Avustralya’ya gitmeniz gerekecek…

2 – One&Only Reethi Rah

Burası Maldivler’de bulunan en iyi spa otelinin havuzu aslına bakarsanız. “En iyi” olduğu konusunda bu fotoğraftan sonra tereddüt etmeyeceğinizi düşünüyoruz.
Buranın geceliği size 2.250$’a mal olacak, ama değeceğine eminiz!

1 – Pamukkale

Evet, uzaklarda aramayın diyoruz. Bu uzak yerlere gitmeden önce Denizli’ye bir uğramalısınız diye düşündük. Bu köpük köpük görüntü, bu sıcak su sizi en az 2.000$’lar vermiş kadar rahatlatacak, oysa ki sadece sadece 25₺ vermiş olacaksınız…Kaynak:

14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants

We can all probably agree that yoga pants are great. Women love them for how comfy they feel and men love ‘em for a whole other reason that has more to do with how our butts look in them, but either way it’s a win-win. Yoga pants are a perfect solution for when you’re feeling lazy and just need to put something on. They are your best friend when working out, since they’re stretchy as hell. And they’re a strong favourite when it comes to travelling, because let’s be real, they’re way more comfortable than jeans. Plus, we’re pretty sure all women look good in yoga pants and we’ve got a 14 pictures that prove that!

1. Selena Gomez
Selena looks awesome no matter what she wears, so obviously she looks smashing in yoga pants. Her secret to such a great looking body is to constantly keep it guessing. She doesn’t have a set exercise routine, instead she mixes and matches between dancing, hiking, doing pilates and spinning. That way she doesn’t get bored of doing the same type of exercise all the time and is much less likely to skip a day of exercising.
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 01

2. Amanda Seyfried
It’s been a while since her days in Mean Girls, but Amanda Seyfried just seems to be getting more gorgeous every year. She keeps herself in shape by doing a lot of running. Not only does it help her to burn some calories and workout her legs, but it also helps her deal with anxiety.
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 023. Jennifer Lawrence
How can anyone not like Jennifer Lawrence. She’s funny and quirky, she doesn’t take herself too seriously and she looks amazing. Most of the time we’re not sure whether we want to be friends with her or just be her. And just look at that body. How did she get it? Mostly yoga.
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 03

4. Gigi Hadid
Gigi might have the body we all dream of having, but she still has some insecurities, so she works out hard in the gym. In order to keep those amazing abs visible she does grueling ab workouts that include crunches, leg raises and lots of planks 4 times a week.
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 04

5. Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner is blessed with a gorgeous body and she’s not keeping it a secret. She’s pretty open about the fact that a lot of the time she doesn’t really need to workout to look slim. But when it’s fashion week season she’s at the gym 4 days a week doing anything her trainer tells her too and drinking 12 cups of detox tea a day.
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 05

6. Amber Rose
Amber is famous for her curves and she shows them off proudly by wearing skin tight clothes. But we all know, that yoga pants are the best way to show off that butt. But those awesome curves are both a blessing and a curse for Amber, cause people often come up to her and just feel free to cop a feel. Not cool, people. Not cool.
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 06

7. Ariel Winter
Ariel is a big believer in loving yourself the way you are. She’s known for being body positive and posting about it on her Instagram. But that doesn’t mean she’s just sitting back and letting her body do its thing. She works out and lifts weights and hikes, which reminds us there’s nothing wrong with loving your body and working on making it stronger.
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 10
8. Kaley Cuoco
Kaley has struggles with her weight most of her life and we’ve all noticed it when watching the Big Bang Theory. It’s not that she was lazy, no, it’s just because she was trying things that work for others and they didn’t work the same for her. And then she found yoga – that was a life changer. She now swears by it and goes to yoga almost every day and it definitely shows. She looks stunning.
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 08

10. Megan Fox
Megan has been accused of having a lot of plastic surgery, but we’re pretty sure her bum is real and it looks amazing in yoga pants. In fact, she’s proven that she works hard to keep her body trim when she got back in shape super fast after she had a kid. She works out with a personal trainer and makes sure to eat a healthy diet and she sticks to sugar-free living too.
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 07

11. Jennifer Selter
We know little about Jennifer Selter as a person, but we’ve definitely seen her bootylicious pictures all over the internet, wearing yoga pants. There’s no debate over the fact that she works out a lot to keep her curves. But as her followers we know very little about her, perhaps it’s time to open up a bit, huh, Jennifer?
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 11

12. Kim Kardashian

Kim’s body proportions are shocking. Whether you think they’re amazing or outrageously ridiculous, you’ve got to admit that she has taken the hourglass figure to a whole new level. Her waist is tiny, her booty – impressive to say the least. Is it natural or was it enhanced? We might never know, but we do know that Kim is a beast at the gym.
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 1213. Minka Kelly
Minka Kelly looks amazing in yoga pants, but she’s literally working to defy gravity when it comes to her bottom half. The reason is, she’s just naturally tends to carry weight in her legs and butt. It might sound like a blessing, since we live in the age where having a big booty is seen as a great thing, but in reality she has to do a lot of lower body exercises, lunges, squat, etc, in order to look toned and not wobbly.
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 13

14. Candice Swanepoel 

Candice Swanepoel is known for being a gorgeous model and a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but what you might not know about her is that she doesn’t starve herself when she’s working. She actually does the complete opposite and eats more than she usually would ,so that she has more energy to work out. And boy does she workout a lot. She loves pilates, a ton of lunges and running. But what’s most surprising is that she does boxing too.14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 14

9. Kate Upton
Kate Upton definitely has curves in all the right places, and it’s easy to assume she’s just naturally gifted with such a great body. The truth is that while she might have won the genetic lottery when it comes to that curvy hourglass figure, she also works hard to keep herself in shape. She works out 5 times a week and can do hip thrusts with a 200 lb weight. Never pictured her lifting weights, did you?
14 Pictures That Prove All Women Look Good In Yoga Pants 09