Breakout But Rather Controversial Roles that Made Your Favorite Actresses Famous

Believe it or not, every single actor and actress used to be a rookie. They all had their first audition and their first role, which wasn’t always the highest point of their careers. And many of your favourite actresses were once no-names like you and me, until they caught a big break. Here are some film controversial breakouts that finally put these actresses on the Hollywood map.                                                                                                                                Sophie Marceau – La Boum

Sophie Marceau is a world-renowned French actress, screen writer, book author, and director. Is there anything she can’t do? Yes, actually she didn’t become a model. She wanted to, but the modeling agency she worked with, told her to try for a role in a movie titled “La Boum” in 1980 and that’s how her journey into the film world began.
Brooke Shields – Blue Lagoon
Guess how old Brooke Shields was when she starred in The Blue Lagoon? Only 14 years old! No wonder all those infamously sexy island scenes took her to the next level. It was quite shocking back in 1980, not to mention 20-30 years later, where a movie like this would’ve become the biggest controversial topic of the decade.

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