Denny Kwan is a Cambodian actress

Denny Kwan is a Cambodian actress—not what I look for in Cambodian beauty, but that’s a personal thing.

Denny, 24, recently ran afoul of the Culture and Fine Arts Ministry in Cambodia for being a bit too provocative in her dress. The Ministry decided she’d broken a code of conduct she’d agreed to last May, wherein she’d signed a written promise not to dress in a sexy way. There is supposedly a code which requires public figures in the country to dress with their dignity and national identity in mind to promote the “preservation, maintenance of arts, culture, tradition, and the identity of the nation”. Kind of like what Madonna has done for the US. Well, according to the Ministry, Denny didn’t and got called in and “educated like a daughter”. On top of that, the Ministry decided to punish her by not allowing her to participate in any entertainment activities for one year. No films, no TV, not even karaoke. The Ministry went so far as to appeal to any and all entertainment conduits to not make her any offers. This has resulted in Denny stating “Within this one year, I will quit being sexy”. Sad.


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