Ariunzaya Tumurbaatar

I’m not sure what to think about Ariunzaya.

She appeared on the cover of the Mongolian version of a popular men’s magazine back around 2012 or ’13, entitled Natural Beauties. A little digging provided no other photos and just a Facebook link, but when I looked at it I thought this must be a mistake. In comparing the two people an identifying beauty mark had moved and this person looked like they really had lived out on the steppes. Well, the magazine photos are pretty nice, so they need to be seen. I’ll leave it up to the readers to decide, after looking at the Facebook photos, if it’s the same person and the magic of make-up (or Photoshop).

DOB: 1990/5/18
Height: 5’9″ (175cm)
Weight: 110lbs (50kg)
Measurements: 35-25-33″ (90-65-80cm)

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