Haruka Aizawa

Haruka Aizawa (AKA Ai Matsuyama, Haruka, Saki Nakaykyama, Kotone Kuroki) who didn’t grow old as an AV idol.

She started out as a mature AV idol, beginning her career in 2014 at about 42 years old and going directly into the mature/MILF category, where she is still active. Certainly an attractive woman for her age, I took a look at her Twitter page and I must say that either there’s some kind of wonky camera filter going on, or her face has taken on a very smooth plastic look, and that’s a shame.

DOB: 1972/30/7
Height: 5’3″ (160cm)
Measurements: 37-23-35″ (95-59-89cm)

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