Luchino Fujisaki

Woody-Alien suggested Luchino Fujisaki.

And we accept your suggestion, sir!

The wood–man tells us that the attractive Luchino (AKA Luchiino, Rukino Fujisaki) has had a fairly long career, starting as an ero- cosplayer, then model and onto actress in short films and obscure movies, as well as a stab at singing. Despite all of that she doesn’t seem to get much love. Even my old friend bobx deems her worthy of only 10 pictures, and not particularly good ones at that (a quick hop to the forum and Woody will show you a few pics). Almost 40 now this protégé (and look-alike) of Liniku Ushijima seems destined to never make it to the top of the hill. In his chivalry, Woody has come to her aid and such gallantry shan’t be ignored. Lucchino, please accept our invitation to enter the Hallowed Halls.

DOB: 1979/5/1
Height: 5’1″ (157cm)
Measurements: 31-22-32″ (80-56-82cm)

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