Kelia Moniz-world champion surfer.

Kelia is a multiple longboard world champion surfer.

Nicknamed ‘Sister’, Kelia (1993/2/5) grew up on Oahu and spends most of her time now in Manhattan Beach, California. She’s a real ethnic melting pot: Japanese, Hawaiian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Irish! Kelia started surfing age 5 and, like so many of these surfing lovelies, seems to have had it passed down genetically as her father is a former professional surfer as well. Despite the monster waves she rides she’s never suffered serious injury, but a couple of years ago on a boat during a rainstorm she slipped, face–planted and knocked out her front teeth, which put her on the shelf for the better part of the year. Hale and hearty now, Kelia got married a couple of months ago so best wishes to her. She’s a cutie!


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