Le Brésil a rendez-vous avec Lui

Le nouveau Lui est en kiosque 3 couvertures inédites vous attendent dès ce mercredi chez votre vendeur de journaux préféré !

Dans ce numéro 30 de septembre 2016, en effet, Lais Ribeiro, Fernanda Liz et Isabeli Fontana se déshabillent complètement pour vous et pour Lui sous l’objectif, respectivement, de David Bellemere, Fe Pinheiro et Eduardo Rezende. Un souvenir du Brésil qui vous donnera chaud !

Isabeli Fontana nue dans Lui

Mais dans notre numéro 30, vous trouverez aussi :

– Une balade en avion privé, piloté par Nicolas Ivanoff, l’ambassadeur des montres Hamilton, en compagnie de Clara et du photographe Michel Sedan ;

– l’interview de Joann Sfar : l’auteur de Comment tu parles de ton pèreFin de la parenthèse et de l’exposition Salvador Dalí, une seconde avant l’éveil s’est assis avec Frédéric Beigbeder au bar du Ritz pour parler littérature, dessin, famille et amour ;


– nos astuces pour arborer le sourire d’Hillary Clinton en toutes circonstances ;

– l’entretien de Thomas Legrand avec Thierry Solère, le président du Comité d’organisation de la primaire de la droite ;

– notre petit guide de l’émigration pour ceux qui préfèrent attendre la fin de Daech au soleil en Australie, en Inde ou en Thaïlande ;

– l’histoire vraie de Jack Parsons, fan de magie noire et papa de la NASA ;

– Laurine par Olivier Zham et une rêverie maritime de Mariano Vivenco ;

– le bilan de santé de Philippe Starck ;

– nos rubriques immortelles : « La Nuit de » (ce mois-ci, Bertrand Bonello, dont le Nocturamasort actuellement en salles), « Un verre pas tard », « Toujours occupé, jamais débordé », « La Défonce du Consommateur », « Le Saviez-tu » ; « la Nana de Manara ;

– Et bien d’autres surprises…

Lais Ribeiro nue dans Lui

Lui n°30, Lais Ribeiro, Fernanda Liz et Isabeli Fontana par David Bellemere, Fe Pinheiro et Eduardo Rezende : 3 couvertures, 2,90 € le numéro, en kiosque.

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Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk is a lady I’m sure you are all familiar with, having graced the pages of all the important fashion magazines including Sports Illustrated.

Born Irina Valeryevna Shaykhlislamova, she shortened her name which is handy as that’s quite a mouthful. Her father was a Volga Tatar, her mother Russian and she was born in Yemanzhelinsk, USSR near the border of Kazakhstan. An area more known for its coal mining, thankfully someone saw the talent and brought the lovely Irina to the world.


Claudia Kim

Claudia Kim, or Kim Soo-hyun if you prefer, is a South Korean actress and model.

Claudia spent 6 years of her childhood in the garden state of New Jersey before returning to South Korea, yet holds no ill will toward the US.  ;) Her debut in the entertainment field began with winning a modeling contest in 2005. From there she went on to acting, appearing in supporting roles in The Avengers: Age of Ultron and the recently released The Dark Tower. She’ll grace the big screen again in the upcoming sequel to Amazing Beasts and Where to Find Them.

DOB: 1985/25/1
Height: 5’7″ (173cm)
Weight: 140lbs (63kg)
Measurements: 34–25–34″ (86–63–86cm)

Juri Hirota

I really like photos of sirens in cute poses. No info on how long Juri was on the scene or what happened to her, but we’ll always have this moment together.

That’s how Juri‘s (sometimes Jyuri ) first shot strikes me. Just damn cute. Listed on one site as a ‘supermodel’ born on May 21, 1978, I think that may be going a bit far, even with a cute face and a 5’4″ (162cm), 34C-23-33 (87-58-85cm) figure. Jyuri is also listed as a gravure idol and I could buy that except for this video link on which pushes it just slightly out of the ‘gravure only’ realm.

Rhina Queenzee

Rhina is a full figured Indonesian model.

Rhina knows that her best asset is her figure. That may be stating the obvious because it would be very hard not to appreciate those assets. If I could whisper anything into her ear (besides things I can’t print here), it would maybe be “smile more”. A lot of these Indonesian models look like they have malevolent thoughts.

DOB: 1995-1-16
Height: 5’6″ (172cm)
Weight: 103lbs (47kg)
bra size: 36″ (91cm)

Saaya Irie

Saaya is best known as a popular gravure model, singer and actress

.I suspect what really makes her popular (or are at least great contributors) are the two eruptions from her chest, on her tiny 4’11″ frame. Saaya has already been in the business for 12 years, and she’s worked in various parts of it including voice work, radio and TV to go along with singing (she was in a group—Sweet Kiss—a decade ago) as well as acting. Last year saw her crank out 42 gravure DVDs, among them her raciest gravure shoot, which you can see courtesy of prisoner 701 over in the forum. Certainly worth a gander.

DOB: 1993/15/11
Height: 4’11″ (1.5m)
Weight: 99lbs (45kg)
Measurements: 33DD-24-34 (85-61-88cm)

Malaysian model Solange Smith

Meet Solange Smith.

Solange owes her looks to her Malaysian mother and half French/half Dutch father. Modeling now for just over a year, Solange was born in Amsterdam, then lived in New Orleans for 6 years, then 6 in England, 5 in Spain, and is now back in New Orleans. Quite a lovely specimen.

Age: about 18
Height: 5’9″ (175cm)
Measurements: 32-23-34″ (86-59-87cm)

Ariunzaya Tumurbaatar

I’m not sure what to think about Ariunzaya.

She appeared on the cover of the Mongolian version of a popular men’s magazine back around 2012 or ’13, entitled Natural Beauties. A little digging provided no other photos and just a Facebook link, but when I looked at it I thought this must be a mistake. In comparing the two people an identifying beauty mark had moved and this person looked like they really had lived out on the steppes. Well, the magazine photos are pretty nice, so they need to be seen. I’ll leave it up to the readers to decide, after looking at the Facebook photos, if it’s the same person and the magic of make-up (or Photoshop).

DOB: 1990/5/18
Height: 5’9″ (175cm)
Weight: 110lbs (50kg)
Measurements: 35-25-33″ (90-65-80cm)

Emi Hasino

Emi, when she’s not smiling, has kind of a sleepy, pouty look to her that appeals to me.

Tokyo born, JAV Idol Emi has some nice curves to her—I even saw some references to her being ‘thick’, which in the US is a nice euphemism for fat. Well, that does not describe Emi. Debuting in 2013, she is shown as having retired in either 2015 or 2017—I think the former date might be closer to it. In any case, there’s always hope for the ‘un-retirement’. I included the video at the end of the post just because her voice (speaking at least) doesn’t sound like a squeaky hinge as so many JAV girls do. You can make the quick jump to the forum to see some more pics courtesy of rob2322.

DOB: 1990/6/3
Height: 5’1″ (156cm)
Measurements: 35D-24-35″ (88-60-88cm)